Gra-Tech is a specialist industrial chemical cleaning, high pressure jetting and precious metals recovery company. Established in 1982, we have successfully developed the reputation of being the leading chemical cleaning company in Southern Africa.

We are experts in the field of chemical cleaning and the preservation of boilers, heat exchangers, tanks and feed-water, piping, lube-oil and hydraulic systems. In all of the above, chemical cleaning has proven to significantly improve the efficiency of process units and prolong equipment life through the removal of harmful contaminants. Each chemical cleaning programme is unique and usually consists of degreasing, inhibited acid cleaning, passivation and pickling.

We are the only South African company to offer precious metals recovery. High-value catalysts such as platinum, palladium and rhodium have been successfully recovered from various plants. Specialty chemical formulations, for various applications, are also manufactured and supplied.

Our range of industrial chemical cleaning services, both on-site and at our own factory premises, meet the highest of international standards and adhere at all times to the stringent Health, Safety and Environmental legislation set out in the OHS Act.